Saturday, April 16, 2011

Painted Jars

Today I want to show you how to "paint" the inside of a jar. It is really fun. You don't have to use a jar you can use a vase or any glass container. Here is mine using the April Sweet Kit from Sweet Peach.

Here are a close up of the flowers I made to put in the jar. I used craft sticks and wrapped green cardstock around them. Then I tied ribbon to them and made lollipop flowers to go on top.

First grab you glass item ( I used a mason jar) and a bottle of paint. You don’t need to use your expensive paint just a cheap bottle from Walmart will do.

Next you will dump about half the bottle of paint in.

Then you shake it all around till the whole inside is covered in paint. (Sorry not picture of shaking it) Then you dump it upside down on a paper towel or wax sheet and move it about every 5 min. This gets the extra paint out and moves the paint to the top. Shake whenever needed to fill in spots. Also if your thrify you can scrap up the extra paint in put back in the bottle. (I did ;))

YOU NEED TO LET THIS DRY A WHOLE DAY!! I didn’t and kept getting finger marks. It didn’t help my curious son decided to put his hand in too. LOL

Then you can decorate the outside of leave it plain. Here is my outside:

Have fun and would love to see what you create. Stop by Sweet Peach's blog to see all the fun challenges.


  1. How adorable is that jar?? so so cute!

  2. what a great idea! love your cute flowers!

  3. This is such a cute project Angie!!! I have to try painting a jar one day :)

  4. Very cute project! My granddaughter is coming to stay this summer with us; will add this to the list of things to do at Grandma's house!

  5. What a fab project. Love the idea of paint in the jar. Will have to try that soon. Love your adorable flowers too. :)

  6. Adorable project, I just love the bright yellow!!