Thursday, May 5, 2011

His day for me

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does. ~ 1 Chronicles 16:24

I opened my Klove encouraging word of the day and with the day I had it made me smile.
Here is my (His) day:

So I have to work today, now some might not know I have "little" job delievering mail. I only work 2 days a month so in my opinon I'm really a stay at home mom. But today is the one day I have work. So I want to be out the door by 7:30am to get the kids to all the place I need to take. I pick up Hannah and realize "great she is pooped clear through her outfit" and now it is on me. So I change her then myself. Ok 7:40am not bad, we all get to the car, an old subaru that is great on gas and great for delivering mail and everyone gets buckled in and the car won't start grrr. Here is where I need to tell you that my hubby drives this every day to work. So why does God chose this to happen to me? I'm sure it was for a reason ;) So I call my hubby's pap who lives by us and he comes to give us a jump. The way the car acted I really thought it was more then just a dead battery; but I'm a girl what do I know. While we are waiting we pray (we pray every morning together not just when bad things happen). He arrives to jump my car and it starts yeah! So I start my drop offs. First to my sisters to drop off Hannah and Noah and as I was leaving there my car starts sputtering. I get it going but call my hubby at work all upset. He's no help because he is an hr way. So I go to my next stop to drop Faith off at her cousins to get on the bus and again when I try to go my car acts up. So I finally get on my way to my next stop which is my church parking lot where Ty's prek bus comes. So I drop him off and one of the other mother's is still there and I said "wait I'm going to shut my car off and see if I can restart" (she has jumper cables because her car always needs jumped (another story)). So I shut it off and it would not start so she jumped me and we go it started again. At this point the pastor(from my old church) came out and he said do you need help and I said "yes". Let make note here that there are some mornings when there is no one at church and this morning there happened to be 3 pastors! They were having a bible study and I know God sent them to me ;) They worked on my car trying to figure out the problem and we determined it was the battery or the altinater(sp?). My car actually came to a point where it would not start at all. My "old" pastor offered to take me home. So I walked over to the post office where I was to be working and helped case the mail (it's the least I could do). I walked into work sobbing and my boss doesn't know how to deal with that so he stayed away. Then when there meeting was over he came and picked me up and took me to my fil where I borrowed his car. Another thing I want to point out is; I called my insurance co to see if I had towing and I do but not on the subaru. Go figure! I was laughing about it and the girl said "you sound ok with it" and I said "what can I do being mad isn't going to get me no where". So I went and picked up the kids and now I'm home and just felt like this day was His day and wanted to share it. You shouldn't plan your days; let God plan them for you (He will anyway) ;)

Thank you God for watching over me today and keeping couraged even the storms.

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