Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Week ~ Stained Glass Jars for Kids

Today we are continuing our gift week!  And today I'm sharing a fun gift for your kids to make and give to family.  I'm actually helping my son's class make these for their family at his Christmas party at school.

First you wash and clean off the sticky glue from the baby jar.  Then I cut little squares out of tissue paper. You will need Glossy Mod Podge for a clear coat under and on top.


I placed the Mod Podge all over the jar.


Then I placed tissue paper all over.  You can over lap because you will be applying another coat of Mod Podge.


Here is a picture of the second coat of Mod Podge going on. It will dry clear.


After the jar is dry I tied a ribbon around the top and place a battery tea light inside. 


Thanks for joining me for another gift idea and be sure to stop back tomorrow for another idea.

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  1. These turned out great! I really need to do some stuff like this with my girls!