Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Great Day

Well the kids had off school Monday and Brian had off work so we took the kids to Balance Rock. It is a place where are rock has been balancing on a cliff forever. There is beauitiful trails and gorgeous scenery! The kids had fun climbing on rocks and playing in the creek.

This is the rock from the ground.

This is the rock from a side view at the top.

This is my 4 under the rock. You can see it is huge!

Hannah and dad walking up to the rock.

Walking across the suspension bridge. It was like on the movie "Horton" the kids were saying "they must have know elephants would be crossing."

Fall Photo. Love this picture!

Hannah and Ty so cute!

Our little rock climber.

Dad and Noah walking the trail. It was narrow!

View from the bridge.

Dad drinking water like a deer.

Noah had to try it too.

Don't fall in!!

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